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How Businesses #Fail with Social Media

How Businesses #Fail with Social Media

I speak with a lot of business owners and managers as I travel to present seminars on using Email and Social Media to grow your business. The largest contributor to failed Social Media efforts is their LACK of establishing measurable goals and objectives.  This is the foundation of using any Social Media channel (i.e. Twitter, […]

What Is More Valuable? A 'Like' in Facebook or an Email Opt-in?

Trick question. What is more valuable? A “Like” on Facebook or an Email Opt-in?

Answer: They’re both valuable. The main goal of marketing for every business or organization is to get your message out. And even better to have that message ACTED upon. This is marketing and the idea of marketing, at its core, is to create a RESPONSE to your message. You want someone to do something . […]